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Approach 1 - SmartCloud Notes to Office 365 using IMAP
First go to http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/social/us/en/startatrial/
You want an account SmartCloud Engage, plus SmartCloud Notes trial subscription.

After I created several users for testing, my user list looks like this:

First we need to enable IMAP for our SmartCloud because IMAP is not turned on for our site. We login as Administrator and select Manage Organization

From the Left Navigation Panel

The screen looks like this:

We click on Account Settings

Now that we have enabled IMAP for the site we need to configure it for each user. So now we login as IMAP User - Click on Apps - Click on Downloads and Setup

Next we View IBM SmartCloud Notes Options

This is where we can select which one of the methods of connecting that we want to configure. I have users configured for all three choices.

Just click the button and let SmartCloud configure itself.

Now we have the information that we need to configure our IMAP client.

In my case, I used the above settings to configure my mail migration software and in a few minutes my email and calendar events were available in Office 365.

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Author's Background
I am a Notes/Consultant with twenty-seven years of experience (almost exclusively with Lotus Notes / Domino). My experience with Notes began when I worked as a Senior Computer Consultant for Price Waterhouse. In 1993, I went to work for Lotus Development Corporation as a Senior Notes / Domino Instructor. I started teaching Application Development and System Administration with Version 3. Helped to develop the course materials for Version 4.x and Release 5.x When LotusScript, Javascript and Java were added to Notes/Domino I started teaching these programming languages.

In 1995, IBM acquired Lotus. For several years we were left alone and the culture did not change. It was a lot of fun to work for Lotus. In 1999 the handwriting was on the wall and I decided it was time for me to leave. So I established V&M to do Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development, System Administration and Training. I've been at it ever since. The life of the consultant is constantly changing. It has given me the chance to travel across Canada and the United States, Scotland, England, Bermuda, Jamaica, Barbados and Hawaii. No travel to the Far East yet. Anyone?

For the last seven years I have been helping companies move their data from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft platform.

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